Test Practice for Engineering, Medical & CA Entrance Exams

Today when one by one every entrance exam is going online, the world is moving towards digital learning, collaborative evaluation and faster feedback systems, our teaching pattern and school exam pattern is still paper based ... well to an extent. Today more and more students are appreciating online mediums to learn and evaluate themselves, where they can engage well, collaborate and share with their friends. The google and facebook generation spends considerably longer time online than they used to do a year ago. According to a study conducted by The Times of India, average time spent online by an Indian internet user is 58 hours a week, which is 161% of average time spent by a student in school per week.

Undoubtedly, learning systems for this generation have to be different. Our teaching and evaluation mediums have to be present where the students are spending most of their time... Online!

EntrancePrime lets you create and manage tests for your students within a few clicks. Powered with high quality question data bank, it allows you to create custom tests based on subjects, chapters, difficulty levels and schedules. Your Teachers can create multiple tests for students depending upon their teaching style and speed.

And these tests can be taken Online or Offline instantly. No waiting for question paper creation. Generate a perfect Question Paper right from your computer and being a online cloud based application the system can be access from anywhere instantly with 100% cloud server uptime, best quality performance and unbreakable cloud security.

Also get multiple management reports to analyze your student's performance and help your students achieve their maximum marks.

Question bank Subjects Available

  • XI Physics (CBSE / NEET / JEE)
  • XI Chemistry (CBSE / NEET / JEE)
  • XI Mathematics (CBSE / JEE)
  • XI Biology (CBSE / NEET)
  • XII Physics (CBSE / NEET / JEE)
  • XII Chemistry (CBSE / NEET / JEE)
  • XII Mathematics (CBSE / JEE)
  • XII Biology (CBSE / NEET)
  • CPT Mercantile Laws
  • CPT Fundamentals of Accounting
  • CPT Quantitative Aptitude
  • CPT General Economics
  • NTSE Reasoning
  • NTSE Mathematics
  • NTSE English
  • NTSE Science
  • NTSE Social Science

EntrancePrime Benefits for Institutions

  • Access to a refined database of more than 2,20,000 questions which gets updated regularly
  • Access to an online platform for test practice with cutting edge technology & breakthrough innovation
  • Seamless integration with your institution website to ensure brand visibility & goodwill
  • Unlimited Usage, better student engagement
  • Full control in your hands
  • Instant practice sheets for every chapter
  • Increased Goodwill
  • Detailed result analysis & multi dimensional performance index
  • No additional hardware required
  • No Installation and configuration charge.