Health Care Services

We introduced a comprehensive institution health plan associated with Dr. Lalit Saxena.

The following services are being provided:

Education Management System (EMS Vridhee) - Health Care
  • For every 1000 student, one specialist nursing staff
  • One visiting doctor twice a week. For residential institution a full time doctor.
  • Hospital beds, dressing unit, life saving unit, medicines required.
  • Daily health check up of students
  • Local hospital connection for emergency
  • Stationed fully equipped ambulance
  • RFID system to get details daily report of students attending the medical service.
  • Institution Management ERP with details report of students health record, growth graph, medial assignment of visiting doctors, physiological assignment reports, reports based on CBSE requirement
  • SMS/Email alerts to parents

Our Assignment Consists

Education Management System (EMS Vridhee) - Health Care
  • Full medical examination by Doctors
  • Follow up by E.N.T/EYE/DENTAL/CHILD specialist.
  • Vaccination status review and vaccination by Doctors.
  • Free-running test for detection of exercise induced Asthma(Preventable)
  • Assessment of adolescent Scoliosis (which may be correctable with simple measures if detected early but later may need complicated surgery.
  • Assessment of Obesity (early intervention to prevent physical and psychological damage and long term effects).
  • Bed-wetting screening (10% of 7 year old suffer in silence with low self esteem and social disability). It can be treated successfully.
  • Diabetes risk evaluations (prevention steps are likely to be helpful).

Our institution health plan has led to an early detection and timely correction of potentially serious health problems/emergencies amongst institution children’s exclusively. This service is of immense value to children, Parent and institution alike.

Our services meet & fulfill the guidelines of the department of Education Delhi for providing health care services in institutions.