With Class 1 to 12 NCERT Mapped Contents

SkyTab xLearn is an interactive learning platform on tablet PC, similar to smart classes in schools. Packed with unlimited features, it will help build on what is taught in the classroom and they will continue to enjoy the fruits of real learning even in their homes.

SkyTab xLearn - "SkyTab" is an android based educational tablet with interactive learning content that makes revision fun and home learning a self-paced and enjoyable experience. It is an innovative educational tablet packaged with curriculum-mapped digital content, educational applications and games, educational videos, and e-books.

It is aimed to help students for their self-learning needs as it provides rich multimedia-based content that facilitates detailed understanding of the concepts, revision, doubt clarification, self-assessment and broadens their understanding of the real world application of theory and concepts.

Class 1 to 12 NCERT Mapped Contents, Visually Rich, 2D-3D Interactive Contents.

  • Makes learning more fun, interesting & engaging through touch interface.
  • Easy to use. Kids familiar with and easily attracted to the gadget and Fit for all age groups
  • Free NCERT e-books and Self-assessment & quizzes, Live videos & illustrations
  • Engaging apps & other educational content -Encyclopedia, problem solver widget, videos, Smart revision tools, chapter revisions, quizzes, solved examples, online quiz with e-reports mailed to parents