Cloud based S-a-a-S model: In Cloud based S-a-a-S model the software will be installed in Education Management System (EMS Vridhee) cloud computing server, in which the cost of the software will be based on the number of students getting registered into the software. Also, because the software is hosted remotely, users don't need to invest in additional basic hardware, software and security. It also removes the need for organizations to handle the installation, set-up, up-grades and often daily upkeep and maintenance.
  • There are very few online educational ERP software’s in the market however no one is using cloud computing technology. Education Management System (EMS Vridhee) is already in Cloud, thus providing the best performance and security without any infrastructure investment by the school/institute.
  • We provide ready software, configuration, entry/migration, up-gradation, regular training, maintenance and support of the software as per school’s current working environment without any extra cost.
  • Web-based thus can be accessed from any where in the world
  • SMS based thus easy to share information even to those people who are not computer savvy.
  • Complete solution of the institute from software, hardware, security and promotion. Thus why to have several vendors when all the solution is in a single vendor/software
  • Banking level data security (using VeriSign 256 bit encoder)
  • Our product is very much cost effective, as any other educational ERP solution is much more costly and requires very high infrastructure investments.
  • Easy to configure as this software can be used from school to university based on simple configuration
  • The software is a complete solution covering the all the working environment that a school/institute/university can imagine.
Because of the improved quality and business model Education Management System (EMS Vridhee) follows; Intel became software partner of Education Management System (EMS Vridhee).
  • Any data related to password is encrypted in the database. The encryption is also used during communication of data between client and server.
  • The database is password protected. Any kind of access to database is restricted. Only super admin with proper password from a specific MAC address can access the database for any kind of modification or manipulation.
  • We used to maintain users session so that we can get information of the users accessing the system.
  • For network security we use VeriSign which provides banking level security in data.
  • The session of any user gets expired if he/she will leave the content management system un-used for more than 1 min.
  • The Fee related configuration has extra security where admin or administrative officer needs to pass a 2nd lever of security before accessing the module.
  • The backup module used to take regular database backup.
  • Past employee or student will not have access to their CMS.
  • None of the past employee or student record can be altered.
Education Management System (EMS Vridhee) is having the copyright of the software and logo.
Your data is more secure at your vendor’s data center than your own internal network. Security is more than just about taking daily backups, maintaining uptime and setting up a firewall. It’s about password policies, encryption, intrusion detection, offsite backups, secure transmission, software updates, patching etc. If hosting or maintaining servers is not your core business then you are better off renting out software from a reputed vendor who understands all these things. This will ensure peace of mind in the long run.
It takes minimum 10 working days to maximum time period of 3 months which depends on the report of the analysis team.
The cloud computing model is very much depended in internet connectivity. The institute/school authority need to take care of a proper internet connectivity and if required a backup internet connectivity. For proper functionality of the software, it needs a minimum of 512 kbps broadband connectivity but still we prefer a 1 mbps broadband bandwidth for best performance.
Purchase order with initial payment, analysis, configuration, installation, data Entry/migration, hardware integration, training, support, up gradation
1 Complete ERP
2 Unlimited SMS
3 Bio metric devices integration for student and faculty attendance
4 CCTV Camera integration
5 Bar code reader integration
6 GPS integration in the transport
7 Software Maintenance, Up gradation, Training, Integration with hardware’s and Implementation
8 Offsite support
9 School/institute website along with basic SEO
10 School/institute website linked with to increase traffic
1 Internet connection with minimum 512 kbps broadband connection
2 One desktop with normal configuration to connect the biometric device
3 Normal UPS to run the desktop
As per clients requirement the software can be integrated with hardware like biometric finger print device for employee and student attendance, bar code scanner for asset and library, CCTV cameras with online control, GPS system in transports and online high speed video conference setups.
In cloud computing S-a-a-S model and normal S-a-a-S model the SMS can be used only by the software as per the configuration in different modules. In one time purchase the school/institute authority can use the SMS facility for other purposes in which we will provide a SMS panel from where they can view the reports of the SMS sent and the amount per SMS. To recharge the SMS account they can use online payment process.
In case of cloud computing the website of the school/institute website can run in the same Education Management System (EMS Vridhee) cloud computing server but in that case the website need to be developed in normal html or PHP thus reducing the hosting cost of the school/institute.
As the software in an online solution thus there is no requirement of any demo CD. The school/institute authority can view the demo software with all the application online. Kindly contract us in or for the permission details of the online demo. If required we can also demonstrate the software using online meeting or send our demonstration team in the school/institute premises.