Education Management System (EMS Vridhee) is a vision of youth. The lacuna of any professional service in small and medium sector enterprises around the world led to the beginning of this dynamic initiative by a team of young and inspired IT professionals. The organization brings together a fresh vigor and youthful exuberance from different domains of core IT, product development and R&D sectors. The founding members and the core group consists of extremely successful and talented professionals who have a firm resolution and steadfast mission to re-define the way the world looks at Information Technology.

In terms of Product Features: Feature or module wise we are providing the maximum with 42 working modules covering most of the requirement along with a condition that if any working process of an institution is missing then we will develop it free of cost. Similar products has mainly targeted to the visible challenges of the time. Our product is very much futuristic. We have seen demands coming for a single product to achieve automation, security, online transaction, paper less activities and there we master. People are always using multiple platforms for multiple operations within an organization. But we have come up with a single solution/platform for all of their requirements.

In terms of Cost: Similar products mainly come up with different subscription packages in other language buy one and get one free (though everyone knows the cost of the so-called-free feature is included). We give our customers to select the features individually so that they do not have to pay for what they do not need.

In terms of Effort: Providing intelligent features with less manual entry point but automated system with intelligent analysis of data

In terms of Implementation: We are providing ready ERP with all regular and running data integrated so that the institution can start using ERP immediately. Our unique implementation process is best in the industry.

In terms of customization: We are open to customization. As per industry pattern customization increases cost so either try to avoid it or add extra cost, but our approach is totally different where we say that we will customize any need of our customer without any extra cost. Actually when a customer ask for customization then it used to be his/her need which is missing in the ERP, thus while working in the customization we overcome the need of the customer which removes their pain area and as well as improves the ERP with some new report or functionality which was missing.

In terms of support: We are the only ERP team which is even providing support to end users that is parents and students.

In terms of clientele: We have clients in every state of India, thus we understand the taste and need of every location. Our ERP solution is for everyone. We have client with 100 students in remote areas to international schools in metros.

In terms of purpose: Our products sole purpose is to make a system which can be Automated with various functionality, Integrated with smart technology, Empower administration with real-time information and Connect all stakeholders. We worked with a purpose to provide technology to everyone and improve the education standard of our country with affordable cost but no compromise with innovation.